Friday, July 31, 2009

Lifting again and weekend plans.

Just two lifting workouts in the past two days.

Last night was a lower body workout with kettlebell swings, barbell Bulgarian split squats, snatch-grip Romanian deadlifts, and then swiss ball hip bridge/curls. I didn't feel like I'd done enough after the scheduled workout, so I added in a few straight deadlifts and some rack pulls. My glutes are telling me today that I worked hard enough last night.

This morning was an upper body day, with some new lifts. After my warm-up, I did pull-ups, barbell shoulder presses, seated cable pulldowns, alternating dumbbell shoulder presses, Cuban rotations, straight-arm cable pressdowns, and kneeling cable x-rows. Four of those were lifts I'd never done before.

Tonight, my son and I will play racquetball for an hour or so.

Tomorrow, my wife and I will run for a couple hours.

Sunday, I'll do a bike ride with a friend. And after my bike ride, my wife and I will have a nice dinner to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary.

And just like that, it will be time to go to work again.

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David Ray said...

Sounds like you're working hard! And a good weekend ahead.

Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy!