Monday, August 3, 2009

Almost glad it's Monday

All as planned:

I played racquetball with my son for an hour on Friday night. Then, I swam with my daughter and a friend for a while.

Saturday, my wife and I ran for just under 2 hours on a warm day. Later, we went swimming for a while.

Sunday, I rode for about 2 hours on my bike with a skiing buddy. He would struggle to keep up on the flats, but he dropped me on every uphill. The lighter weight of my bike was more than offset by my heavier body mass (Hmmmmm.....).

Last night, I cooked a nice but healthy dinner for our wedding anniversary. My wife and some friends had some nice wines, but I abstained.

This morning, I did a killer lower body workout. I'm beat and I'm glad it's time to sit on my butt and just do some work.

Tonight, I'll do a short downhill run to the pool after work.

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Patrick said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend. I dragged Anke around the dacks and if she wasn't a good sport she probably would have divorced me by now. We managed to summit Marshall on very muddy trails. By the time we got to the junction for Boundary and Iroquois it was 4:30 and we were pooped so we did not do them and just went over Algonquin and back to the car. This was a 34km day, by far the longest day i have done in over a year and Anke probably 2 years for her. Not sure if i am ready for MMD but i will give it my best shot. I might be in the Burlington area next sunday to go for a 10 to 15 mile run if you are interested.