Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Upper body lifting

The timing of this scheduled workout was pretty good, given that my legs were trashed. It's interesting that I worked out harder a week earlier, yet this past week seemed to leave me more beat up, despite two rest days. Perhaps it was just a cumulative effect, or maybe the very hilly bike ride on Sunday followed by a squat day in the gym on Monday.

Here's my workout from yesterday:

Warm-up (most done with exercise bands)

1a - Bent over BB row 2x12
1b - incline alternating DB bench press - 2x12

2a - Close grip cable row - 6x5
2b - Push-ups - 6 x as many reps as possible (AMRAP)

This one had only 10 seconds rest after the rows before the push-ups. I pushed the weight up on the rows from last week and I was curious how the push-ups would go. I was happy to do 15, 14, 13, 12, 12, and 12, for a total of 78. In each set, I went until I couldn't do another rep without a rest period and the previous rep had been a very slow ascent. This was my best performance on push-ups recently.

3a - Barbell curls - 9, AMRAP, AMRAP
3b - Close grip bench press - 9, AMRAP, AMRAP

I used the same weights on these lifts as last week, but found that I was able to squeeze out some extra reps in the second and third sets. Overall, it was a very good workout, and way better than exercising outside, where it was extremely hot and humid.

The temps are supposed to drop a bit today and I'm hoping to get in an easy run after work. However, if my hamstring complains too much, I'm going to call it quits and go for a recreational swim instead.

PRP Countdown - 12 days

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Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

I had to google to find AMRAP.

And you'll excuse me if I snicker, snicker at your "extremely hot and humid" remark : )