Thursday, August 21, 2008

Easy run

Last night, I was tired from lifting hard in the morning. I ran just over 5.5 miles at just under a 10 pace. Pretty boring.

Then, it was time to go see the motivational speaker. I think the guy used every sports cliche in the English language except the old "There is no 'I' in team".

It was difficult to listen to a guy talking so much about conditioning and effort during practice when he was so clearly overweight and out of shape. He also spent a lot of time talking about education, but he clearly never learned anything about English grammar. My son and I agree that it was a big waste of time. For a "required" event, it was very disappointing.

I'm a little bit sore today in my glutes - pretty common after a leg day in the gym. I'm planning some marathon pace miles tonight, and hopefully my legs will feel OK. If I'm still beat from last weekend and yesterday's lifting, I'll simply back off.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to lift (upper body) in the morning and then maybe do an easy run with the dogs at night. I still haven't decided what to do on Saturday.


jamie said...

Too funny about the speaker! That must have been a riot, at least in a way.

David Ray said...

"You're gonna wind up living in a van, down by the river." Way to get motivated.

"You can't spell team without meat."