Thursday, August 7, 2008

Alternate workout

Last night, when I left work, the rain had stopped. But, by the time I picked up my daughter from summer camp, took care of some business related to the VT100, and got changed for my run, I could hear thunder in the distance. So, instead of running, I went to the gym with my wife.

I started with 30 minutes of stair climber intervals - boring, but I was soaked with sweat, so I know I worked hard. After that, I spent some time stretching and then some time doing some core work. Finally, a few upper body lifts just to kill time until my wife was finished with her workout.

Tonight's 5-mile race should be interesting, given the weather. The course is a dirt road that is likely quite muddy. We may have more afternoon thunderstorms, and the course is at a relatively high point, where the lightning risk could be significant. If things look dangerous, I'll skip the race.

I'm a bit tired from yesterday's lifting, but not sore like I was at this point last week. I'm probably in about 36 minute shape for 5 miles right now, on a fast, flat, paved course. This course - rolling and on dirt roads - adds at least a minute to that. And, being tired will add some time as well. Add in a few minutes for being fat and a few more for being old...

Actually, I'd love to run under 38, and sub-37 would make me really happy. But, it wouldn't surprise me if I have to work to run sub-40. Last Thursday, I ran 4 paved miles at just under an 8:00 pace, so there's no reason I should run over 40 minutes, unless it's pouring during the race. We'll see.

I'm trying to remember the last time I ran a race this short. It's been a long time. On August 18th last year, I ran 3 legs of a 100-mile relay, each about 5-7 miles long, but I went less than 100% for each leg. Other than that, the last time I ran a race of 5 miles or less might be 5 years ago, when I last ran the race I'll run tonight.

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Jamie said...

Good luck tonight! I'm sure the rain and mud will make it all the more fun. You're a braver man than I am, I'm too scared to run the shorter races now... too afraid it'll be demoralizing since I don't train for speed as much anymore. Hee hee.