Thursday, August 28, 2008

Easy Runs

Last night, I did an easy 5 after work. Tonight, I'll do an easy 6 after work. Tomorrow, I'll do upper body lifting in the morning and then perhaps an easy 3 miler after work.

The easy days are my "taper" for a 5K on Saturday. I'm not too concerned about doing upper body lifting tomorrow morning with a race the next day. I did the same workout last Friday and I felt fine on the track the next day.

Yesterday, I was tired but not sore for my run. I wasn't sure how sore I'd get after setting two PRs in one day for a single-rep squat. Today, I'm a little bit sore, but not as bad as I was when I first returned to lifting after a break for our trip to CA earlier this summer.

I won't do lower body lifting again for two weeks. On Monday, I wrap up one lifting program, and I'll take a one-week break to let things heal up a bit before I start the next lifting routine. My next 8-week lifting routine has no squats, so I'll have to be content with my recent PR until I return to a program with squats after my marathon in November. That program has upper body work on Monday and Friday, and Wednesdays have snatch-grip deadlifts, step-ups, and dynamic lunges for legwork. I'll also have lots of dips and chin-ups on arm days - two lifts that give me fits at times.

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