Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Time

After almost five years of writing this blog, it seems to me that it's lived a little bit longer than it should have.

I'm not running ultras any more.  I'm not even really running.  I did enjoy a weekend of volunteer work at the Vermont 100 this past weekend, but there was no desire to be out there running.  Maybe someday I'll be a runner or an ultra-runner again.  Maybe not.

Work keeps me exceptionally busy, so I rarely have time to write.

My workouts are fairly routine - CrossFit 3-5 days per week, some other lifting, maybe some sprint work, some bike riding, and skiing in the winter.

For nutrition, I try to eat a Paleo Diet, but I still struggle to get it just right.

I've had some other health issues going on that I don't want to address here, but I'm hoping the direction I'm moving might finally help me to get rid of the body fat that has plagued me for most of my life.  I am feeling better and feeling stronger in the gym for the past couple of months, which is encouraging.

And, if I continue to write on this blog, I'm going to make some comments about the NCAA, the president of Penn State, the Board of Trustees at the University, and even the governor of Pennsylvania that very few of you will want to read.  And, people probably wouldn't agree with me anyway.

So, as of today, this blog is being retired.  Maybe I'll start another.  Maybe not.  I simply don't have very much interesting to say anymore.  And, if I'm not interested enough to write about it, my handful of readers don't want to read it either.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two more weeks of my life seem to have vanished

I last posted here while the WS100 was being run.  I worked all weekend that weekend.  I'm short-staffed at work, interviewing potential new hires, and trying to stay on top of things.  And, trying to exercise.  I seem to be doing something right.

In June, I went to CrossFit 15 times.  That's the most CF workouts I've done in a month, since I started about 20 months ago.  I wish I could say that it get's easier, but no matter how fit you get, the workouts are still hard.

This past Sunday, I finally had a day with no work requirements.  I slept in.  Went to lunch with my wife.  Took a nap.  Went fly fishing with my son and caught three rainbow trout.  Cooked dinner on the grill.  Went to be early.

Then, two days of work and CrossFit, and I had another day off yesterday.  I didn't sleep in yesterday.  I went for a bike ride.  Mowed the lawn.  Did a few other things around the house.  Cooked.  Somehow the significant thunderstorms that hit Vermont managed to completely miss us last night, so I was able to cook dinner on the grill.  It was way too hot to use the oven for anything.

Today, I'm back at work.  I'll go back to CF.  I've got a phone interview with a potential new employee in a few minutes.  And, before I know it, another 2 weeks, or 2 months, or 2 years might have vanished.