Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Too Busy to Post, and That's a Good Thing

I last posted in late May.  I've been swamped since then, but to be honest, it's good stuff.

In May and into early June, I pretty much fished every second I wasn't at the gym or at work.  And, I was at the gym a lot.

We had my daughter's high school graduation in May.  Then, we took off to Lake Tahoe for a week of vacation.  Vacation was spent with friends in a house they had rented at Lake Tahoe.  We got in a couple days of fly fishing, a lot of mini golf, some disc golf, lots of hiking and walking, and a lot of great meals, plus some visits with friends who live in CA.  At the end of the trip, we spent a day in San Francisco and saw a baseball game (the hated Giants won 8-7 over the Phillies, but it was a good game), and then we visited Amoeba Records - a store my son has always wanted to see.

As soon as we got home from CA, my wife and I showered, packed some clothes and headed to New York for my CT scan at Sloan Kettering.  The scan was completely clean - my first clean scan since I first heard the word liposarcoma.

By mid-July, fishing was getting very tough due to a mild drought and very warm summer.  It's been a few weeks now since I have fished, although I'm going to go way north to fix that problem this weekend.

I had a huge project at work.  I had re-negotiated our primary IT contract with the company that provides our servers for us.  This allowed me to consolidate some servers, add some security features, and make our systems more secure at a lower price than we were paying before.  But, it took almost 6 weeks to plan and execute the cut-over to the new hardware and some new software versions.

About the time we finished that project, my wife and I had our 30th wedding anniversary.  We had a really nice lunch in Boston the weekend before our anniversary, and we saw Bryan Ferry while we were there.  The weekend after our anniversary, I cooked a nice dinner with my wife's family, and we opened some nice wines, including two Bordeaux from our wedding year, one of which was the amazing Mouton Rothschild.  That wine is still too young at age 30, so I'm hoping to open our other bottle for our 40th anniversary.  I'm already planning a bottle of 1986 Chateau Margaux for our 50th.

And now, the house is in chaos as my daughter is preparing to head off to Syracuse next week to start her freshman year of college

In the interim, we are just trying to enjoy life.  I have my next CT scan in November, and if that one is clear, I will be clear for all of ski season.  My wife and I are training a lot - in the gym and walking and (some) running on the weekends, plus a little bike riding for me.

So, we are busy doing the things we love, living life, trying not to think about cancer too much, and just appreciating being able to do these things.  Life has been good.

We are still on the waiting list for the Ghost Train ultra in October.  My wife and I have modest goals for that race - 45 miles over 36 hours for me, and probably 30 miles for my wife.  We both intend to walk the entire time.