Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain

This is shaping up to be the wettest summer I've ever seen in Vermont. Well, the spring and early summer seemed relatively average, but it's been raining non-stop for weeks, it seems. This morning, as I headed to the gym, it was pouring.

I did my 5x5 leg day as planned today. For squats (I suck at squats, maybe because I don't push hard enough on a regular basis), I started at 135, and then did sets at 145, 155, 165, and 175. Julie Berg uses 210 for squats for 120 total reps. Someday maybe I'll be competent at squats. My brother tells me that he thinks it's my running mileage that's holding me back on the squats. He started lifting a few months after me, and his squats are way higher than mine. But, he only lifts and does some easy cardio cross-training.

Anyway, after squats, it was deadlift shrugs. If I'd been doing straight deadlifts, I would have been lifting 205 (which also sucks), but with the shrugs, I had to keep the weight at 155.

Next was Bulgarian Split Squats supersetted with Step-ups. I used 2x30# dumbbells for each of those lifts. Then, 3x15 reverse crunches and I was done.

We'll see if the squats kill me for my race tomorrow night. I am wondering what kind of shoes to wear for that race. It's on a dirt road around a pond, so it's likely to be very muddy. Of course, maybe the pond will flood and we'll swim instead of running.

It's amazing how dry the year has been in the west while we've been pummelled by rain recently. I found out that a lightning strike seems to have killed my answering machine recently as well. I don't think I'll fix it until mid-November, so no politicians can leave messages for the next few months.

Tonight, I'll do an easy run for an hour, most likely in pouring rain.

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