Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Two runs

Last night, I did a very easy 6+ miler at about 9:30 pace.

This morning, I did another 6 miler, with 3 easy miles at 9:30 pace, two miles at 7:30 pace, and then a 10 minute cooldown mile. The 7:30s were harder than they should have been.

It looks like today is the end of our 2-day streak of rainless days. We're going to have lots of rain and thunderstorms for the rest of the week, and that might include during my planned race on Thursday evening and during my long run on Saturday.

Luckily, yesterday, I got a new part for my lawn tractor that I'd ordered online recently. The engine pulley for the tractor broke, and I couldn't mow for more than a week. I got the new pulley yesterday, installed it, and got some mowing done. If it hadn't gotten done yesterday or today, I might have needed to have a local farmer cut it for hay when this next batch of rain finally stops.

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