Monday, August 4, 2008

Weight work to start the week

I took yesterday off as planned, even though I didn't follow through on Saturday's workout. This morning, I got to the gym early for a fast weight workout. I had forgotten how fast this workout can be 3x15 of 7 different lifts, with only 30 seconds between sets.

Last Monday, I did the same lifts, but in 5x5s, and with 90 seconds between sets. So, last week, I had over 45 minutes of rest between lifts and today, it was closer to 10 minutes of rest. I was in and out of the gym in record time this morning.

In some ways, I don't like the 3x15 days with such short rest. I think it's probably just an ego thing, but I can only lift about 60% of the weight for this workout that I do for 5x5s. I really enjoy moving the higher weights at times, and this one, while still difficult, is a very different type of difficult.

Tonight, I'll get in an easy hour of running. It's been raining like crazy in Vermont for weeks, it seems, but today and tomorrow should be dry before the rain returns on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning, I have 5x5 lower body weights, which will beat me up a bit. It wouldn't be a big deal, except I'm planning a five mile road race on Thursday night.


David Ray said...

What kind of race is on a Thursday night?

Damon said...

A local running club in Montpelier puts on a few mid-week races through the summer. I missed the "Bear Swamp Run" earlier this year, but that's a good one. This one is a 5-mile loop around a local water reservoir. It's a funny place to have a race because it's the most commonly run spot for local residents. You'd think they'd be tired of running there. It's a rolling dirt road, so it's not especially fast. Then again, neither am I.