Monday, August 11, 2008

Weights this morning, running tonight, if the weather cooperates

The thunderstorms just keep on coming. Yesterday afternoon, we had a storm that just seemed to sit over the house for a while. It was hailing for a while and we had a number of close lightning strikes.

Tonight, my son starts his high school soccer practice - at 5:30 p.m. My plan is to drop him off at practice and run while he's practicing. I'll run loops near the school so I can get to the car and to my son quickly if practice gets stormed out.

I lifted this morning - leg day, 3x15s with short rest. My legs were still tired from Saturday and the quality of my workout was disappointing. I have six more workouts left in my current phase, and then I move on to a different series. That one is a MWF schedule, with mostly upper body stuff on Monday and Friday, and deadlifts on Wednesday along with some other leg work. That program will last 8 weeks and it contains no squats at all. It seems completely wrong to skip squats for 8 weeks, but I'll follow the program.

Tomorrow night, we are likely to get hit by storms again and I have an appointment after work, so I have to run my Yasso 800s in the morning. I'll do them with my Forerunner rather than going to the local track. I tend to run them more slowly this way, but it's still a solid workout. According to Daniels' Running Formula, I'm running my 800s a bit faster than I should be anyway. I've been running them in the low 3:20s and my numbers from the book indicate I should be running 3:28s.

I'm planning the 800s tomorrow (7 of them) and then 3 marathon pace miles as part of a 6-7 miler on Thursday. I'll then take a rest day on Friday so I'll be ready to race my relay legs on Saturday.

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