Friday, August 29, 2008

5K Tomorrow

Last night, I ran an easy 6.4 miles, going out (net downhill) at about a 9:20 pace and then coming back more slowly. I was a bit sore and tired from weights on Wednesday, but not too bad.

This morning, I did an upper body lifting workout. It is definitely time to change things up with my lifting workouts. I have adapted to the current program pretty well - especially the upper body day. I will do one more upper body day next week, and then start a new routine the following week. That will mean 2 weeks between lower body gym days - a nice break that should help my running.

Tomorrow is the Northfield Savings Bank 5K here in central VT. I've run this one a few times before, but not for a few years right now. My goal is 21:45 or better, and I hope to run right at a 7:00 pace for the entire race. The race is essentially a loop - with perhaps 30 yards between the start and finish. The start is uphill - a really steep, but short climb, followed by a gradual up, and then a gradual down for the balance of the first mile. The second mile starts with a short steep downhill. After that, the course is relatively flat and fast, although there is a mile or so of dirt road rather than pavement.

I haven't had a complete rest day in almost two weeks right now, but next weekend, I'll be in PA to go to the Penn State-Oregon State football game. So, I might push right through this weekend and into next week, knowing that I've got two rest days coming up at the end of next week. Or, I may take off Sunday or Monday if I'm beat from the race tomorrow.

My two key workouts for next week will be 8x800m on Tuesday and an easy 22-miler on Friday.

Two weeks from today and tomorrow, I'll be running 3 or 4 legs in the 200-mile Reach the Beach relay in New Hampshire.


David Ray said...

Good luck with the 5K.

When's that marathon again?

Damon said...

The marathon is on 11/9 in Harrisburg PA.