Monday, August 10, 2009

Great weekend

I'm not sure that I followed the doc's advice to take it easy on the hamstring until we do the PRP procedure, but I did have a fun and tiring weekend.

On Saturday morning, my wife was scheduled to have a massage. So, I went to the farmers market to get fruits and veggies for the week. Then, I headed to a local coffee shop to get some caffeine and read the newspaper. About 11:00, I headed home and got my cycling gear together. My plan was a ride of 45-50 miles. It was a rectangular route, with each of the four corners representing a low point. The east-west segments of the rectangle were shorter and very hilly compared to the north-south segments which were longer and only moderately hilly.

I wanted to just have fun and not push the pace, knowing that this would be my hilliest ride of the year so far, with two major climbs. I did just that and took two short breaks at convenience stores along the way to get some food. The toughest part of the ride was the third leg - the northern east-west segment. It took me 25 minutes to climb to the summit of that leg of the ride and I was out of the saddle for a fair amount of time.

The total distance was 46 miles and my speed was so slow that I'm not even going to mention it. But, it was fun.

Because my wife didn't run on Saturday, she wanted to do her long run for the week on Sunday. I was tired, but agreed to run with her. I struggled almost the entire 10 miles, but we got through the run OK. My wife did have to wait for me a couple times as I chose to walk up some hills, and she eventually pulled away in the last half mile. She had some problems with a tight calf and she was limping a bit as we finished. She definitely needs new shoes and I think she needs to be careful about how fast she increases her mileage.

Other than those two workouts, I spent the weekend doing as little as possible - some reading, a little bit of work with the chainsaw to clear a downed tree, going for a swim, and operating the grill when it was time to eat.

Today is a leg day at the gym and it will be a struggle, most likely.

I'm waiting to hear if the doc found anything on the X-rays that were taken on Friday. Then, I also need approval from the insurance company for an MRI, and we'll schedule that as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to this treatment, even if it is expensive and still somewhat new. I just want running to be fun again.

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Speed Racer said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Hope the MRI gives you some answers and that your hamstring gets back to 100% soon!