Friday, August 14, 2009

Sometimes, life gets in the way

Working at a small company has been fun and exciting for the past few months. This week, we needed to release a new product, and we didn't do the best possible job with the release. That led to a couple long work days this week, and it caused me to miss my workout yesterday. After a planned rest day on Wednesday, I ended up with two rest days in a row. I had a dinner reservation to have dinner with my wife and son last night and I was late for that, but I eventually made it. We had a really nice dinner at a local restaurant in a small local town. The restaurant sits on the edge of a lake and every meal there is a treat, especially when you can sit on the deck by the lake, like we did last night. It was a great way to unwind from a stressful work day.

This morning, I did yesterday's scheduled lifting workout - a lower body workout. Tonight after work, I'll do today's scheduled workout. Hopefully that won't leave me too tired to run with my wife tomorrow or cycle with a skiing buddy on Sunday.

To be honest, I have practically nothing planned this weekend other than a few workouts, and I'm looking forward to the nice weather and a calm weekend.

I almost wish I was running the MMD race in NH tonight, but my hamstring would not hold up well to that course right now.

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David Ray said...

Enjoy a low key weekend. Nothing wrong with that.