Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More music

I've seen so many concerts recently that it's hard to believe I'm training hard. Yet, I'm managing to work our nearly every day despite some late nights. Yesterday, I did two workouts in a day for the first time in a while.

Tonight, I'm going to see Social Distortion in a club here in Vermont. I have seen them before, in Anchorage, in the summer of 1998, I believe.

On that tour, they recorded a show at The Roxy in Hollywood that has been released on CD and it's a great show. I hope Mike Ness still sounds close to as good now as he did then. The club where I'm seeing them doesn't sell out very often, but this show sold out quickly, so the place will be packed. My wife and son have never seen them and they are very excited about the show.

I got in an easy 45 minute run last night - a net downhill run to the local pool, where I met my family for a quick swim. Tonight, I'll run for an hour or so after work before meeting my wife and son for dinner before the show.

The weather here in Vermont seems to finally be turning a corner and the long range forecast shows that we might actually have a summer this year. It will be short, but it looks like this month will be a lot drier and sunnier than the past few months.

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