Friday, August 21, 2009


I did my leg workout last night and felt tired, but still got through the workout OK.

After the warm-up, I did kettlebell swings, BB Bulgarian Split Squats (8x3 with high weight and short rest), snatch-grip Romanian deadlifts, and then Swiss ball hip bridges/curls.

As I've been doing recently, I added some straight deadlifts to the end of this workout:


The last lift was my heaviest deadlift since a 325 in December.

This morning was an upper body workout. I felt tired when I got up, and almost deferred the workout to the evening, but I got myself to the gym OK. The workout went great and that wraps up a four week lifting cycle. I was especially happy with my pull-ups - 3x6, compared to 8 weeks ago when I could only do one pull-up at a time. Sometime this weekend, I'll get my workout schedule for the next four weeks.

For the weekend, I'm planning a run tomorrow and a bike ride on Sunday. The distances will be determined by how my hamstring feels.

Later today, I need to get a blood test (CBC) done, to make sure I have enough platelets for the PRP procedure in 10 days.

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