Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vermont 100 miler - will it be a canoe race?

The rain is never going to stop. This is ridiculous. It's pouring right now. Yesterday, we had rain storms, hail storms, thunder and lightning and it just transitioned to straight rain overnight.

The VT100 course is going to be as muddy as I've ever seen it, I'm afraid, and the race is still 10 days away. I'm not even running the race - just volunteering, crewing and pacing - but I still wonder how bad the mud will be. Agony Hill, at about mile 48 or so, is going to be really nasty. The last couple miles should be pretty bad too. Well, to be honest, I can think of a lot of places that are going to be tough. And, the rain seems to be creating a super-strain of mosquitoes that are relentless.

Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to race weekend.

Tonight, after work, I'm picking up my new car. I'm hoping to sneak in a run in between when I'm done working and when my wife arrives to sign the car loan paperwork. As long as there's no thunder or lightning or hail, I imagine I can survive running in the rain for a few miles.


Jess said...

I googled "ultra running hamstring" and came across your blog. Sorry things didn't work out for you at Western States this year. I'm sure you would have rocked it last year. Sigh. Anyway, I'm running the VT 100 (my first 100 miler), and I strained my hamstring 2 weeks ago at the end of the Green Mountain Relay (women's 6 person ultra team). It doesn't really hurt if I run slow with short strides which is the plan for the 100, but I can't help but wonder if it will give away after all the miles??? I've been resting and hoping for recovery, but your post wasn't what I was hoping to hear. And then you topped it off with the mud stories! I'm in NY, and it's raining here too. Ugggh. I guess I'm lucky VT isn't too far away so I'm planning to go and see what I can do. Best of luck to you & whoever you are pacing!

Damon said...

I'll be working at the medical check-in next Friday. Be sure to say hi when you check in. I'm a "bigger than average" ultrarunner, earring, beard, mid-40's. Everybody there knows who I am.

Hopefully your hamstring will do better than mine. Mine was a really bad injury and I think I tore something at the upper attachment. I'm going to wait until it's been 6 months since the injury then consider some sort of more intense intervention if I'm not healed.

If you don't own a foam roller, I'd really suggest one.

Vermont was my first 100 and I've done it four times now. It's a great race and I'm sure you'll have fun. The dirt roads will be fine, but there are some trails that will be muddy.


Jess said...

Thanks for the info. I'll be sure to look for you next Friday. I can't believe it's almost time!!!