Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lifting, mowing, and lifting

Last night, I did a lower body lifting workout - trap bar deadlifts, single leg Romanian deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and Swiss ball bridges/curls. Including my warm-up, the whole thing took less than 50 minutes and I could barely walk out of the gym.

Regretfully, when I got home, the rain hadn't yet started, which meant I needed to finish mowing the lawn. I spent at least 90 minutes finishing the mowing and it just plain sucked. From now on, I'm either going to mow every 3 days or so, or I'm just not going to mow at all. Mowing after a month of rain and rapidly growing grass is torture. It took me about 5 hours over two days to get the mowing done.

This morning was an upper body day in the gym, and my arms are so beat it's hard to type.

Running? I'm going to run tomorrow after work. I think.

I need to do some running miles between now and the VT100, just to be sure I'll be ready to pace. But right now, I'm having fun in the gym.

In about 4 months, the snow guns will be turned on in the northeast and ski sesason will be approaching.


Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

Mowing - gee, I don't do that. Our dirt never grows : )

I think the worst chore, for me (from the perspective of interference with training) was laying squares of linoleum in our kitchen.

I didn't use knee pads - I was SQUATTING for the whole time.

I simply could not walk. For days :)

...yeah, you get the snow and the skiing, but I get...uh, I get...darn. Can't think of a thing : )

Damon said...

You get to not mow your lawn!!!

David Ray said...

$10 to the boy gets my lawn mowed fairly regular-like. But it's pretty tiny.