Thursday, July 23, 2009

Easy 5 miler

I ran an easy but hilly 5 miles last night. My stride is a mess.

In some ways, I have to wonder why I even considered starting Western States. And then, not only did I consider it, but I did start. After fewer than 24 miles, my left knee hurt, my right foot hurt, and of course, my hamstring hurt.

My right foot is getting sore from running these days. My left hip and knee don't like running at the moment. My stride is so compromised that there is simply no fun in running right now. I'm trying to run twice a week or so, simply to maintain some level of running fitness, but even that's tough.

I can lift and I can ride my road bike, so I'm not being sedentary. But, I miss being able to run easily with a smooth stride.

It's 15 days until I see the sports doc. It could be a long 15 days.

Tonight after work, I'll do lower body lifting, concentrating on squats.

I'm already not looking forward to a planned 10 miler with my wife on Saturday morning. I'll enjoy the time with her, but not the running portion.

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