Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For Those About to Rock...

It was a very interesting show. It was certainly the loudest concert I've ever attended. I wore earplugs the entire show and had no problems hearing anything. People who didn't wear earplugs are probably having problems hearing today. I could feel the bass pulsing through my body.

Essentially, they played a few songs from their newest album (the best songs, IMO) and then the classics. Brian Johnson doesn't have the vocal range that he had in 1980, and he especially seemed to struggle on some older songs originally sung by Bon Scott.

And, surprisingly, You Shook Me All Night Long, perhaps their most popular tune, was probably the most bland tune of the evening.

But, the real show was Angus Young. He has to be close to 60, but he spent half the show stripped down to just his standard knickers, dancing around with his guitar like a madman. The final song of the main set was a 20+ minute version of Let There Be Rock that was essentially an Angus solo effort. He was amazing and he owned the show.

For an encore, they played Highway to Hell and For Those About to Rock. They used film, fireworks, other amazing pyrotechnics, a large "crashed train engine" on the stage, a giant inflatable "Rosie", huge video screens, cannons, the Hell's Bell, and other props that I'm sure I've forgotten. It was classic large stadium rock and roll.

I'm glad I finally saw them.

Right now, I could use some sleep. I'm planning to run for at least an hour after work today and then I'll get to be early tonight. I did an upper body lifting session before we left for the show yesterday.

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