Thursday, July 16, 2009

One more gym night

Legs last night. After a warm-up, 5x4 of front squats. I hate front squats, but I feel like I'm finally getting competent at them.

Then 5x5 of back squats. I took it relatively easy with some pacing at the VT100 planned for this weekend. I worked on good form for every rep but kept the weight at 155-165.

Then, DB reverse lunges, and finally lateral (weighted) squats with a single 60# DB. I was afraid to try them with a 100 pound wheel from the squat rack.

Tonight is an arm night. Then, I volunteer at the VT100 all weekend.

It will be strange at the race without Jim Hutchinson there. Jim was a friend to many, many people and I considered him to be a mentor in many ways. We served together in government and he's the person who really got me interested in volunteering in my life, rather than just always doing my own thing. He's been gone for almost a year and I still miss him very much.

His daughter, Julia, is the new RD for the race and I'm sure she'll do fine. But, I think she's nervous about the oversized shoes she is attempting to fill.


Tania said...

Hope you have a good time Damon. I am thinking tonight about that sureal first pacing event and one of the most special times in my life. Totally beats qualifying and running Boston. I will do a 100 one day. I just loved being out there...just a couple runners, their spirits and nature. nothing gets better. We need to catch up sometime......

Damon said...

I was up for 36 straight hours helping and pacing and then helping again. I don't think I've ever stayed up that long when I wasn't racing a 100. It was a lot of fun, but my brain is still fuzzy today.

I'll write a report later about the weekend, even though a lot of it feels like a blur.