Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stupid Weather

I was planning to run after work yesterday. It was warm and humid all day, and surely enough, that generated afternoon thunderstorms. Our local area had rain reports of more than an inch up to 3.5". There were local flood watches in effect. And, there was too much electricity in the air to even consider running. My son and I probably should have played a game of racquetball, but I guess we were just being lazy, and we did nothing.

So, I decided I'd try running this morning before work, but that meant getting up at 4:30, and after sleeping just a few hours in a car the night before, that didn't work either.

Today is a lower body lifting day. I'll lift after work. Tomorrow is an upper body lifting day (morning) and maybe I'll run some.

Saturday, I'll run with my wife, and Sunday, I'm going to try to do a long bike ride. But, Sunday is also my wedding anniversary (23 years), so I need to make sure I don't take up the entire day with my ride.

It's now been over two months since I stopped drinking alcohol. It's also been almost a month since I returned from our vacation to CA and Western States. In the past two weeks, I've finally gotten my diet really dialed in to where I want it to be, and the weight I needed to lose before WS is starting to disappear now.

In 8 days, I see the sports doc about my hamstring.

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