Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to Training

I've got a busy work week, helping out at my old job and having a co-worker on vacation at my new job. But, there's always time to squeeze in some workouts.

Monday, despite being exhausted from the weekend, I did a lower body workout in the gym. Last night was upper body. Today, if the weather holds, I'll run 6-8 miles outside. If the weather turns nasty, I think I'll do intervals on the stair climber.

Then, I'll do another lower and upper body weight workout on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday morning, my wife and I will run about 10 or so, and Sunday I hope to get out on my bike for 30 or more miles. Sunday could be tough because it's supposed to rain later in the day and I'm going to see Green Day in Albany on Saturday night. I'll get home pretty late and I'll need to get up early to beat the weather.

I made an appointment earlier this week to see a sports doctor about my hamstring. The podiatrist who is the medical director of the VT100 talked to me a lot about the hamstring on Friday. These doctors all work at the hospital that I recently left.

Anyway, he thinks that given the time since the injury and the lack of healing that I should consider platelet rich plasma treatment for the injury. I'd already been thinking about that possibility and I'm going to talk to the sports doc about it in early August, when I see him.

PRP is a fairly new treatment process that got a lot of press around the time of the Super Bowl, when two injured Steelers made near-miraculous recoveries to play in the game. Not only is this a new type of treatment, but most insurance companies won't pay for the treatments, which cost about $1000 each. But, if it gets me back to running with a smooth easy stride, it will be worth the money out of pocket.

The providers at the local sports medicine clinic have had very encouraging results with PRP so far and they are one of two clinics in the state offering the treatment.

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Tania said...

Interesting...platelet treatment eh?? Keep us all posted on that.
Sorry that this is continuing to bother you. Injuries are the worst! I know that all too well.