Friday, July 24, 2009

Two weight workouts

Lower body last night - warm-up followed by front squats, back squats, rear lunges, and lateral squats.

This morning, it was bent-over DB rows, incline DB presses, corner presses, corner rows, push-ups and inverted rows. The last two are brutal - 50 reps of each as fast as you can pull it off.

Today ended a four-week cycle and I get my workouts for the next four weeks tomorrow. I'm guessing we will start to see some interval work in the next month in addition to the weight work.

Tomorrow morning, my wife and I will run 10 miles with some friends, if my hamstring and other portions of my legs allow me to go that far.

Then, we'll head to NY to see Green Day tomorrow night. My son and I are also going to see AC/DC on Tuesday and we are going to see Social Distortion the following Tuesday. My ears may be ringing for weeks after these shows. It seems that many people "of my age" have stopped going to concerts, but I still really enjoy seeing rock shows, and I'm looking forward to all three shows. I've seen Social Distortion before, but not the other two bands. The reviews of the current Green Day tour have been fantastic.

Sunday, if the weather cooperates, I'll do some bike riding.

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