Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Tough CrossFit Workouts

I now hate the number 7. Being a person with a math degree and a love for number theory, I've always been partial to prime numbers. In the winter, I am always happiest when the number on my ski lift chair is prime. Yes, I'm a geek. No reason to deny it.

But, last night's workout was all about 7s and I wasn't happy.

It started innocently enough. We did some good warm-up work. Then, we practiced some Olympic lifting movements - cleans. We did 5 rounds of a clean complex as follows:
3 power cleans
3 hang squat cleans
3 front squats

To take it easy on my shoulder, I kept the weight fairly low at 95 pounds.

Then we hit the main workout:

7 rounds, as quickly as possible:
7 deadlifts
7 box jumps
7 kettlebell swings

The prescribed workout was 275# for the deads, 30" for the box, and 70# for the KB swings. Level 1 was 185#, 24", and 53#. I basically did level 1, but I only used an 18" box, not a 24". I can do 24" box jumps, but if I tried to do that many in that workout, I'd end up missing a few and possibly getting hurt.

I thought that deadlifts at 185 pounds would be easy, but there was a secret hiding in the workout. Every movement involved the hips for a lot of its strength. After the first round, I was surprised that 185# felt so hard. That's about half of my max. How could it be so hard? By the fifth round, every exercise was getting tough. Plus, it was hot in the gym.

I finished in 12:34 and was happy to be that fast. From there, I rode my bike back to my room. I almost got detoured by a cremee stand, but I knew that I had a weigh-in at the gym today. Ice cream would have to wait, no matter how hot the weather.

I had a tough time sleeping last night, for the second night in a row. It was just too hot for sleeping, even with a fan blasting at high speed. I got up at 5:30 this morning, planning to ride my bike to work. But, after a shower, I could hear thunder outside. A quick check of the weather showed a significant thunderstorm about to arrive. So, I put on my work clothes, and rode my bike to the bus station. The buses have bike racks, so I put my bike there. Just after the bus started moving, the storm arrived. We had high winds, heavy rain, hail, and a lot of electricity. I was very glad not to be riding in the storm.

At lunchtime, I hopped on my bike and rode to CrossFit. I have a work meeting tonight, and today is the final workout for our 30 day Paleo challenge at the gym, so I had to work out earlier today. We had five total measurements for the challenge, with my scores shown:

Compliance points for diet and workouts: 347 of a possible 450 points.
Maximum single rep weight for a thruster: 145 (start was 145, but with a shoulder injury, it's not surprising that I didn't improve)
Max pull-ups (band assisted for me): 16 vs 10 at the start
Time for a fixed workout: 9:44 vs 10:47 at the start - about a 10% improvement
Weight loss: - 7.6 pounds (I'm down 12 total in the last 6 weeks)

For the most part, I lost points in the first category for not drinking a protein drink right after the workouts, not getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night, and for eating non-Paleo foods on the weekends when I've been home. But, even with those transgressions, I'm certainly happy with the rest of the results, especially the weight loss.

I doubt that these scores will be close to good enough to finish in the money, but it's much better than the last challenge, where I basically quit after two weeks. We are doing another challenge in September.

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