Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Better Weather Than Forecasted

Monday morning, I was looking at a forecast that called for rain most of Monday and Tuesday. It drizzled on me a bit on my bike ride to work on Monday, but it was barely noticeable. And, it's been dry ever since.

After lifting hard on Monday, I couldn't make it to the gym yesterday. After work, I had an appointment at the same time as my CrossFit workout. OK, perhaps I'm being a bit dishonest there. I could have gotten up at 4:30, gotten dressed, ridden to CrossFit, done the 5:45 a.m. workout, ridden back to my room, showered, and then ridden to work. But, I knew I'd get 20 road miles in yesterday with some good hills, so I skipped CrossFit. I did get in the road miles and the weather was beautiful for the riding.

Today is supposed to be a sunny warm day, and it was warm enough to ride to work without a jacket this morning. I was tired and sore enough from the past few days to consider riding the bus, but I rode the bike instead. Tonight, I'll go to CrossFit and then tomorrow, I'll ride to work in the morning and do an easy run with my wife in the evening. Tonight, our focus is Wendler strict presses before the main workout.

I need to go home tomorrow rather than Friday because my son's high school graduation is Friday. He is thrilled to finally be done with high school, but his academic future is still somewhat cloudy. We were very surprised when he received a rejection letter from his "safe" school last week. He easily exceeds all of their minimum academic requirements - by quite a lot - yet he was rejected for some reason. And, they don't even have his AP and SAT achievement test results yet. So, he's asked for clarification and basically appealed the decision. He has another in-state backup school, but he really wants to leave Vermont for college, and if I were him, I think I'd want the same thing.

On Friday evening, we will have a family gathering to celebrate his graduation. I thought he'd want to go on a trip or do something else a bit more grand to celebrate. All he really wants is some pizza with family on Friday night, a new laptop to take to college and he's asked for some time for the two of us to go fly-fishing this weekend. That will be easy to accommodate.

After I ride and run tomorrow, and then lift on Friday, I'll have 8 straight workout days. Saturday will be a rest day, with some fly fishing. Sunday, I'll either run long or do intervals.

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