Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mixed Results in Last Night's Workout

Last night started (after our warm-up) with the Wendler cycle again, doing military presses. My first two sets were fine, but the third (and heaviest set), going for max reps didn't go well at all. I failed on my first rep and ended up doing a slight dip and drive - a push press rather than a strict press. I don't know why that happened, but my upper body lifts definitely seem to progress very slowly.

I've been running and skiing for years, so I have the leg strength for squatting and deadlifts, but bench presses and strict presses are definitely a weakness. And, those lifts really require the addition of muscle mass to see major improvements. I don't care if I add the muscle mass, but it doesn't happen very quickly.

After the presses, we did 5 sets of ring dips and 3 sets of pull-ups. I used bands for assistance, but dropped down a notch on the band that I'm using.

The main workout suited my strengths really well:

7 rounds, as quickly as possible:
10 deadlifts
Run 200 meters

The prescribed weight was 225# for men. I knew I could do this, but the last few sets would be tough. And, with a heavy deadlift workout scheduled for Friday, I didn't want to do 70 deadlifts at 225 pounds. So, I opted for level 1 (155#) and really focused on pace. I was the third person done in the group, and for the first time in quite a while, I was passing people on the running reps. I felt smooth and strong the whole way through the MetCon.

I've had some really good workouts over the last five days and I'm feeling a little tired from the effort, but not too bad.

Today, I am going home because of my son's high school graduation tomorrow. My wife and I will do an easy run this evening - maybe 45 minutes or so. Tomorrow, I'll do my deadlift workout, but it will be short (and intense). By Saturday, I'm guessing I'll need a rest day or at least a very easy day.

I've got a marathon in just over three weeks. Maybe it's time to start training for that. My recent weeks have been something like 3-4 CrossFit workouts, 50 miles of bike commuting and 2 runs totaling 10-18 miles. My long run is 3 hours at an easy pace. The marathon is going to be a challenge.

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