Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good Workout, Bad Dinner

After the workout on Tuesday, yesterday was almost a rest day at CrossFit.

After our warm-up, we went straight into some strength work on strict presses. But, every fourth week of the Wendler cycle is a de-loading week (low weights), so that work was fairly easy. The only hard part was some chest-to-bar pull-ups the day after we did 90 pull-ups.

After the strength work, the MetCon was not too bad:

8 minutes, as many reps as possible
8 reps - sumo deadlift high pull - 75# for me (between Rx and Level 1)
8 burpees

I got through just under six rounds and I was tired, but not beat up. After the workout, I saw the chiropractor who has been working on my shoulder. He is very happy with the progress we've made and he didn't even pull out the Graston tools yesterday. He did some active release work, and worked on the biceps tendon a bit. After the biceps tendon work, I did my first fully pain free push-up in quite a while. So, the shoulder is probably 80%-90% there. I am going to see him just every other week for a while now, and hopefully let my body complete most of the remaining healing on its own.

I rode home after the workout, beating an approaching rainstorm. As I went through the kitchen, I found four ingredients for dinner: a locally made Mexican-style chorizo, fresh spinach, eggs, and cream. That was a perfect primal meal waiting to happen, and I cooked the sausage first, added the spinach, cooked that, added the cream, and finally some eggs. I also added some salt and pepper. And, I cooked everything well enough - none of the ingredients were under-cooked.

I ate dinner while I watched the Red Sox game and did some laundry. By 10:00, the Sox had lost and I was in bed. My alarm was set for 5:15 as usual. But, I woke up about 4:30, feeling terrible. One of those ingredients in the dinner was tainted somehow. Since then, it's been a rough morning, but I'm finally feeling better. Hopefully, I'll feel up to doing CrossFit later today, assuming I can get to the gym.

Michelle Obama is in town today, and I normally take a low-traffic shortcut through a hotel parking lot on my bike at 5:00 or so. But, Michelle Obama is speaking at that hotel at 5:00 today, so I probably not be allowed to use the short cut, so I need to fight through some much nastier traffic on my bike to get to the gym.

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