Friday, July 1, 2011

Work Your Weakness - Again

I like this workout at CrossFit. If you are honest, it really is a way to spend time focusing on something that you dread and work at getting better.

The first part is strength movements. Every minute on the minute, do a low number of reps of something that requires strength.

Yesterday, for the first ten minutes, I did 2 front squats at 155 pounds every minute. I can lift more than 155 in the front squat, but I wanted to focus on form and proper depth, and 155 is the perfect weight for me right now. I can execute those squats with good form, but it's still heavy enough to tax me.

My second ten minutes were another nemesis - ring dips. I did use a support band, and did 10 sets of 5. After the first five sets, I switched to a lighter band and increased the difficulty of each rep.

Next, we had a 12 minute MetCon, with as many reps as possible. I chose two movements where I do OK, but pushed the difficulty of each.

I started each round with box jumps, but at 21" rather than my normal 18". Make a mistake here and you get hurt. I did 8 reps per round.

For the second half of each round, I did wall balls:

I normally use a 14 pound ball for these, but jumped to 20 pounds last night. I did 12 per round. I was surprised that the wall balls were the limiting factor for me in the workout. I know I hit the "weaknesses" appropriately because I'm sore all over today.

After work today, I'll do a run with my wife - not too long or too hard.

Sometime this weekend, I'll do some speedwork, and if the weather cooperates, a hike as well.

Whatever made me sick yesterday isn't 100% resolved, but I was able to train yesterday, and that's good enough for me.

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