Thursday, July 7, 2011

Same old stuff

I got lucky with the storms yesterday. We had one really violent thunderstorm come through while I was still at work. I rode my bike to CrossFit during a break in the storm. Then, it poured during our workout. I rode home from the gym in a light drizzle. And, after taking a shower, despite hearing some thunder in the distance, I was able to use the grill outside to cook dinner.

For the day yesterday, I did the following:

Bike: 14.4 miles (this morning, my cyclometer seems to have stopped working for some reason)

5 strict presses at 85 pounds
5 @ 100 pounds
5 @ 110 pounds

5 sets of bench presses: 10 reps, 95 pounds, short rest - kept the weight low to protect my shoulder. The shoulder continues to improve, but normal grip bench presses still put stress on the injury.

3 by 10 band-assisted pull-ups.

The MetCon included a movement called "toes to bar".

I was working on this movement just the day before and I'm starting to get them, but I can only do 5 or so at a time. The alternate movements were knees to elbows or simple "knee-ups". I started with a few toes to bar and then gradually faded to knees up in the MetCon:

As quickly as possible:
25 dumbbell push presses (2x30# for me)
5 toes to bar
20 dumbbell push presses
10 toes to bar
15 dumbbell push presses
15 toes to bar
10 dumbbell push presses
20 toes to bar
5 dumbbell push presses
25 toes to bar

My time was somewhere between 11 and 12 minutes - I forget exactly what it was. My upper body is sore today and I'm guessing my abs will be sore tomorrow.

Today, I'm doing my bike commute but no other workouts. The weather today is perfect for riding - no storms at all in the forecast.

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