Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yesterday, I worked. And I ate. Not much else. Oh, I went to the pool with the family for a while.

Today, I'm working. I'm thinking about an easy bike ride after work, but I'm not committed to the idea.

I work on the fourth floor of an office building. I don't use elevators here. I'm not sure which is worse - walking downstairs, which hurts the quads a bit, or walking up the stairs, which points out how tired my legs are.

Tomorrow, I plan to resume commuting on my bike rather than by bus. I might even go to CrossFit tomorrow, since the first part of the workout is all upper body work.

This coming weekend, my wife and I are volunteering at the Vermont 100 Miler all weekend, so I probably won't do any training over the weekend.

Next week, I'll get back to training as my body tells me it's OK.

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Harriet said...

That is what I like about walking a marathon: you aren't nearly as beat up after the fact. Stairs are no big deal. In fact in 2003 I walked the Park City marathon in 5:17 (hilly, at altitude) and went rock climbing that afternoon.