Thursday, July 14, 2011

A little recovery work

Yesterday morning, I put the bike on the bus and rode the bus to work. There is one huge hill on the way to work and I simply didn't want to ride the bike up that hill, to be honest. After work, I hopped on my bike in pouring rain, and rode to CrossFit.

My plan was to do the first half of the workout, skip the second half, and then have the chiropractor work on my shoulder for a bit. (He does appointments at the gym in the evenings.)

The first part of the workout was a press day in the Wendler cycle. Here is what I had planned:

Strict presses:
3 x 92.5
3 x 105
max x 117.5

Ring Dips:
5 x 10

3 x max

The first two strict press sets were easy. On the third, I was disappointed to only get two strict presses, but I added three push presses, with minimal push-off, to get the bar overhead a few more times.

I used assistance bands for the dips and pull-ups and go through them OK.

The main workout last night was 8 minutes of clean and jerks - as many as possible. The prescribed weight was 95 pounds, and level 1 was 65 pounds. I have to admit that I thought about doing the workout. Then, I thought about how my legs would feel partway through, as I had to drop into a starting squat position repeatedly. And then, as I fatigued, how would my shoulder feel pushing the bar overhead as I got lazy or tired in my core, which helps to stabilize the bar overhead. So, I watched the workout, which was the right decision.

After the workout, the chiropractor really worked on the shoulder. He believes that the supraspinatus is in great shape now, but there are still some issues with the infraspinatus. He had the Graston tools out last night plus really worked on some sticking points with the active release. It was a painful session and the shoulder is still unhappy today.

During the workout, the rain had stopped. Shortly after I hopped on my bike to ride home, the rain started again, but it was a nice light and cool rain.

My "landlady" (it's really hard to call her that as we have mutual friends and have quickly become friends) and I cooked dinner together. I grilled a small local chicken with some herbs and garlic, while she made a salad of green beans, green zebra tomatoes, shallots, lemon, olive oil and dill. It was a tasty and simple dinner.

Cooking simple dinners like these makes look forward to the day where I can cook dinner for just my wife and me, rather than feeding a teenage boy and a picky teenage girl every night.

Today, I'm doing some bike riding, but no other exercise. Then, I'll be volunteering at the Vermont 100 all weekend, so I won't do any training this weekend. Next Monday, I intend to get back to my regular exercise routine.

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