Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some Lawn Work, Interval Work, and an Evening of Fishing

My "weight" work yesterday was using a chainsaw to cut up some fallen wood on our property and then disposing of the wood after it was cut up. It was warm and it was hard work, with some good help from my son.

After that, I took about a 90 minute break to re-hydrate and then headed out for a short but intense run. After a warm-up, I did 10 by 1 minute hard, with one minute of recovery. I didn't cover a lot of miles, but it was a good workout.

Later in the day, my son and I went out fly-fishing for a few hours. I caught a couple native rainbows in a stretch of river we'd never fished before. The second one was beautiful and I wanted to get a picture, but I decided to get it released quickly so its survival odds would increase. So, no picture.

This morning, we were going to hike Killington, but a thunderstorm scuttled that plan, so I've been working instead. So much for my "holiday" weekend. I'll probably spend too much time working today and tomorrow.

With my marathon now 7 days away, I'm taking some rest days to be sure I'll be rested. I'll probably hike or run easily tomorrow after resting today. Tuesday and Wednesday, I'll go to CrossFit, but I'll really back off after Wednesday.

My slowest ever marathon was just over 5 hours in Chicago in 1998. This is a much tougher course, we'll have more challenging weather, and I'll likely be slower than in Chicago. But, my plan is to just have fun.

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Laurel said...

Have fun at your marathon, no matter what!!! Get through it with a smile on your face and don't care whether it takes three and a half hours or six. Let us know how it goes.