Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tough Night at CrossFit

The Wendler lifting cycle we are doing at CrossFit is pretty tough. The 12 week cycle is broken down into 3 4-week mesocycles. Each mesocycle gets harder in weeks 1-3, and then week 4 is an easier week, before increasing the load for the next mesocycle.

Right now, we are in week 2 of the first mesocycle. In week 1, the rep scheme for the primary lift is 5-5-max. In week 2, it's 3-3-max. In week 3, it's 5-3-max. The weight goes up in each set and from week to week, except during the fourth (deloading) week.

So, last night, I started with back squats, doing 70%, 80% and 90% of my one rep max of 315:
3 x 220
3 x 252
max reps at 285 - I got 4.

Then, each workout, we do one or two "supporting" lifts - higher reps, less rest, lower weights. Last night, we did barbell lunges, 5 sets of 10 reps per side, and I used 110 pounds. This was brutal, but I managed to get through it. During the first set, I didn't think there was any way I'd get all 5 sets, but I did.

Then came the MetCon workout:

12 minutes, as many reps as possible:
5 push-ups
10 pull-ups
20 air squats
40 rope jumps
10 tuck jumps

I was beat from the strength work and didn't even manage to finish four rounds. But, I got in a great total workout. Plus, I got over an hour of bike riding done for the day as well.

Today, I have an appointment after work, so I won't make it to CF. But, the appointment will increase my cycling mileage for the day to over 20 miles, mostly at an easy pace.

Tomorrow, it's back to CF for Wendler military presses.

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