Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wendler Cycle in the Gym

We are starting a 12 week Wendler Cycle (Google it if you want the details) at CrossFit, focusing on our back squat, strict press and deadlift. The goal of the 12-week cycle is to increase your 1-rep max in each these lifts. The cycle is often done with four lifts, with the bench press being the fourth. But CrossFit, in general, isn't very big on bench presses, so we are focusing on the three lifts that make up the sum known as the CrossFit total. I recently got just over 800 pounds for my CF total. We'll see where I am three months from now.

The first workout was last night, but I wasn't at CrossFit. I worked from home so I could be at home in the evening to celebrate my wife's birthday. Luckily, if you know your max lift in each of the three lifts we are working on, and you have the appropriate spreadsheet, the workout can be calculated for you.

Here is the main Wendler Cycle workout I did yesterday. Mondays are squat days, Wednesdays are press days and Fridays are deadlift days for us on this cycle.

205 - 5 reps
235 - 5 reps
270 - as many reps as possible without going to failure - I made 5.

Then, 5 x 10 front squats at 160 pounds.

I think the front squats were tougher than the back squats. That was a lot of reps, they hit your quads more than back squats, so today I have sore glutes and sore quads.

After the lifting, I did a short MetCon workout of my own:

4 rounds, as quickly as possible:
25 push-ups
row 250 meters

That was it. And, even after a rest day on Sunday, I feel trashed today. I have a meeting tonight and can't make it to CrossFit. It's likely that I won't get to train at all today, but that happens sometimes.

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