Friday, June 10, 2011

Not my week so far

It hasn't been a truly terrible week. And, I really have no right to complain about my life. I have a pretty easy life compared to so many people, especially given the economy these days.

But, I've been feeling old this week. Maybe a little bit depressed.

My knees are feeling achy.

My legs are still sore on Friday from a workout on Monday. I took a rest day yesterday and I still feel tired.

It's been hot and humid all week - weather than I don't particularly like.

It rained a lot too, which messed with my bike riding schedule all week.

The mosquitoes are really bad.

My puppy ate my Garmin Forerunner and it will cost about $200 to replace.

The puppy also didn't like being tied outside yesterday afternoon, where we thought he was simply enjoying a nap in the sun. So, he jumped through a window screen to get back inside. I now have to fix two window screens, including one the other dog jumped through last fall.

My chainsaw won't start and my weed whacker won't start and I need both of them to do some work around the house.

I came back home a day early and I'm working from home today. It just seemed like the week wasn't going my way and I wanted to be home. But tonight, despite me being home, everyone else has plans, so I'll be eating leftovers for dinner - just me and the trouble-making dogs.

OK, now that's out of the way. It's really not so bad.

I have a house, a job, a wonderful family, two lovable dogs, and I'm in pretty good overall health.

Sometimes, I just need to vent a little. And perhaps wish I was 20 years younger.

Deadlifts tonight before I mow the lawn. 10K race tomorrow. Long run on Sunday.

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Harriet said...

Yep; there are weeks like that. Increasing entropy is a *itch.