Wednesday, June 8, 2011

But, I don't want to get old...

Why am I still trying to train like someone half my age? It can be discouraging at times.

Monday, I ran before work and then did a hard - very hard squat workout after work.

Tuesday, after work, I rode the bus to my rented room. On the walk from the bus stop, I tripped and fell on the sidewalk. That must have been some sort of sign that I was tired. I changed clothes and hopped on my bike for the ride to CrossFit. I had trouble just getting my shoes into the clipless pedals. Perhaps another sign? The ride itself was pretty uneventful.

At CrossFit, I was sweating during the warm-up. Yes, it was a hot day and a harder than normal warm-up, but I could tell I was tired. The weight work was 5 x 5 of squat snatches. Right now, this is a lift that still bothers my shoulder, so I did some alternate work. I did some very light weight overhead squats. Then, I did some muscle snatches. And finally, some power cleans. Again, I felt exhausted through all of the this. The main WOD was as follows:

5 rounds for time:
10 box jumps
10 wall balls
10 burpees

Ugh! The box jumps and wall balls would be brutal after Monday's squat workout. It was hot. I was unmotivated. After the first round of jumps and wall balls, I did two burpees. And then, without really thinking about it, I quit doing burpees. I took a rest. I ended up doing the box jumps and wall balls, but rested every time I should be doing burpees. Even doing level 2, it was still too much for me last night. I was dead after the workout. I pulled out my logbook at the gym, started to write something, got frustrated by my workout, scribbled over what I'd written, and then scribbled an expletive over that. I finally mustered the energy to ride back to my room.

I was too tired to cook dinner, it was too hot, and I wasn't hungry anyway. I did have a cooked chicken breast and a pickle in the refrigerator. I finally mustered the energy to eat them before heading to bed.

Today I am even more sore from Monday's squats. I rode my bike to work but with little energy.

Today's strength work at CF is focused on the strict press. We have sets of strict presses, bench presses and chin-ups. After that, I'll probably skip the main WOD and head home. My legs need a break, to be honest.

I could go back a few years - not that many really - and find weeks where I would do back to back hard workouts with no issues at all. Maybe it's because they were mostly running workouts and I'd been a runner for many years. I've now been lifting for about 4 years and doing CrossFit for less than one year. But, there are times when CrossFit leaves me feeling very, very old, and I wonder what happened to that young runner who could train hard so often.

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