Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun weekend

Friday, my wife and squeezed in a quick workout at lunchtime. I did my Wendler cycle deadlifts and some stiff-legged deadlifts, but that was it for the workout. The deads were heavy, so it was a lot of work, but done in a short period of time.

Friday night, we had a family gathering to celebrate my son's graduation. It was a fun evening, full of many "So, what now?" questions for Phil.

On Saturday, we went to the farmers market and not much else early in the day.

Phil and I got out for a couple hours of fly fishing. Despite numerous hatches going on, we didn't see a whole lot of action. Phil hooked one small fish and I saw a couple fish, but that was mostly it. Well, I did hook a really big one - myself. And stupidly, I'd forgotten to crush the barb of the hook before I tied the fly to my line. I try to always do this, to minimize any injuries to fish that I will be releasing. So, I suddenly found myself with my left index finger impaled deeply by a fish hook. And the barb was preventing me from backing out the hook. It took me over half an hour to work the hook forward through my skin, remove the barb, and then remove the hook from my finger. This work averted a trip to the emergency room and its associated costs. Plus, I'm current on my tetanus shot, so I think everything is fine.

Yesterday, my wife and son and I hike Mt. Mansfield. We used a trail that my wife and son had never seen before on the ascent - the Maple Ridge Trail. I'd come down this trail but never ascended it. It was the first hike of the year for all three of us and our time was fairly slow. The total distance was under 10 miles, with about 3000' of climbing, and it took us 6 hours. We did rest for half an hour on the summit though. It was a beautiful day on the mountain and there were a lot of people out there. I saw people hiking in Vibram Five Fingers and even one couple hiking barefoot. Given that this is Vermont, I shouldn't be surprised.

After the hike, we stopped in Waterbury for dinner at The Alchemist - a really nice local brewpub. I was so tired and dehydrated from the hike that I had club soda rather than beer.

Today, after work, I'm going to do some squats in the Wendler cycle, followed by 5 sets of 10 Bulgarian squats. After that, I'll run home from the gym.

Tomorrow, I'll be back at CrossFit.

Three weeks to my marathon. It's going to be a slow one.

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