Friday, June 17, 2011

Easy Hour on the Feet

That's me briefly leading the pack in Wednesday night's CrossFit workout.

My wife picked me up at the bus station last night, and we did an hour-long leisurely walk-run, covering about four miles. After I'm away from home most of the week, the hour or so that we have alone to run or walk is something we both really enjoy.

Today is my son's high school graduation, so I am working half a day and then squeezing in a quick workout before the graduation ceremony. My son is really unhappy with his principal right now, and I don't blame him. My son is not big on ceremony as a general rule, and planned to get his diploma without a cap and gown. He didn't buy a yearbook, had no interest in a class ring, no interest in sending out graduation announcements, thinks graduation presents make no sense, etc.

Yesterday, the principal informed the class that anyone not wearing a cap and gown could not participate in the graduation. He would have opted out right then, which he'd prefer to do, but he's complying to make his mom happy. Plus, you have to pay money to use the cap and gown. I offered to intervene for my son, but instead, he's just laughing at what he sees as perversity in the process.

After graduation, we're having a small family gathering to celebrate. He is more interested in some promised fly fishing time later this weekend.

I'll probably take tomorrow as a rest day and just do some fishing with my son.

My replacement Garmin Forerunner arrives tomorrow, so I'll take that out on a long hike or run on Sunday before my son and I do some more fly fishing.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Yikes, it's three weeks to my marathon.

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