Thursday, June 9, 2011

But it looked so easy

When I got to CrossFit yesterday, my plan was to only do the lifts for the Wendler cycle - 3 sets of strict presses, 5 sets of bench presses, and 3 sets of chin-ups, and then go home.

Well, I had an appointment at the end of class for the chiropractor to work on my shoulder - ongoing Graston and ART work that seems to be helping my shoulder a lot.

But, the main workout for yesterday was as follows:

12 minutes, as many reps as possible (AMRAP):
Run 200 meters
20 kettlebell swings

I decided to do this workout because it's one where you can easily slow down and scale the workout. When we do "as quickly as possible" (AQAP) workouts rather than AMRAP workouts, it's harder to scale things. You need to complete the reps for an AMRAP workout (excluding Tuesday when I simply opted not to do that). But, the AQAP workouts can be taken more slowly if desired.

But first, I did my Wendler cycle work.

Strict press:
5 reps at 80#
5 reps at 95#
max reps at 105# (6)

Bench press:
5 x 10 @ 115 - Because of my shoulder, pushing in the horizontal plane is something I still do somewhat carefully. I did the bench presses at 75 pounds to be safe.

(I've been in the office for just over an hour now and the fire alarm has gone off at least 15 times. We had a fire drill yesterday. I'm sure this is testing of some sort. Sort of sure. If I don't finish this post, I guess that means it wasn't a drill today.)

Chin-ups (band-assisted) - max reps - 3 sets

Then, the 12 minute AMRAP:
Run 200m
20 KB swings (I picked a wimpy 35# KB)

I took it easy and got through the run on my fifth round plus five more KB swings.

The Graston and ART treatment went pretty well. My range of motion has improved dramatically. I still have issues in the infraspinatus, but most areas outside of the supraspinatus tendon are otherwise resolved. Most of the treatment last night was Graston on the supraspinatus (painful) and then some ART to make sure the infraspinatus wasn't affecting my range of motion. I'm making good progress with these treatments, and I moved my next appointment with the orthopedist out a month to see if I can resolve things this way rather than needing any more injections from the doctor.

Today is a rest day. Really. Honestly.

(They finally announced that the fire alarms are just tests after 70 minutes of on and off alarms)

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