Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Weekend - Including Some Rest

Last time I wrote something here, I believe I complained that I was tired. I ended up taking both Thursday and Friday as rest days. We had no real plans for the weekend, so I was looking forward to some relaxed down-time - sleeping in, no computers, some exercise, and some time with my family.

As it turned out, the weather was fairly bad, which made it even easier to rest.

On Friday night, I don't think we did much of anything. My son had finished his high school senior project earlier that day, and he was tired from working on that. That project was his last major hurdle to graduation in the middle of next month.

On Friday, we got some take-out for dinner, watched some hockey, played a little cribbage and listened to music.

On Saturday, we woke up to grey skies. The farmer's market had been moved to a new location due to flooding, and we didn't make the trip, assuming many vendors were dealing with storm-related issues from earlier in the week. Instead, we did some grocery shopping, got some dog food, I bought some new music, etc. When we got home in mid-afternoon, my wife and I headed out for a run with the dogs. We could hear thunder in the distance as we started. The storm kept moving closer and my wife and the dogs went back home after 35 minutes or so. I went back out to do a couple hill repeats, but after one, the storm was close, it was pouring, and I called it a day.

Later on Saturday, we watched some movies (both versions of Cape Fear), listened to music, played some cribbage and mostly relaxed. I used a break in the storms to grill some chicken for dinner. Highly exciting!

Sunday morning, my wife and I headed out for a run again. The forecast wasn't promising, but I wanted to do a 3-hour run (really a run/walk). It was warm and humid and the mosquitoes were pesky. We did about 2.6 miles with the dogs. That was plenty for them in the heat. Then, my wife and I did another 3 miles together before she headed home to wrap up an 8.5 mile run. I continued on, with a goal of whatever distance I could cover in 3 hours. I was slow, but managed to stay on my feet and moving for the three hours.

After the run, I mowed the lawn, grilled some burgers and we watched a movie. See how exciting my life is.

On Monday, my wife and I walked the dogs for an hour. By 8:00 p.m., I was falling asleep and I still didn't feel like getting out of bed when the alarm went off at 5:15 this morning.

Today, I rode my bike to work, I'll ride to CrossFit after work, and then ride to my rented room after CrossFit. I don't even want to know what the temperature is outside right now. I'm sure it's hotter than I ever like to see.

Six weeks until my marathon.

Oh yeah, today is the end of the 30 day Paleo challenge at the gym. I'll be curious to see how my weight and strength have changed in 30 days. My eating wasn't as good this past weekend as it should have been, so I'm curious what my weight will be this evening.

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