Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tough Workout

My bike commuting hasn't been going so well this week, with lots of rain here in Vermont. For this first week of bike commuting, I kept my car here, just in case I'd forgotten to move essentials or had messed up some logistics. So far, the only thing I think I've forgotten was chamois cream, a minor problem. But, I've been driving the few miles to the office instead of riding. Starting next week, I'll have no car, so I have to be more diligent with my bike or using the bus. Otherwise, the whole goal of this experiment to save money and time, and hopefully get myself into better shape at the same time, won't pan out.

Last night at CrossFit, we did no strength work. After our warm-up, we went straight into a long MetCon that I could tell up front would be very difficult:

20 minutes, as many reps as possible:

5 thrusters
7 hang cleans
10 sumo deadlift high pulls

The RX'd weight was 95, and the Level 1 weight was 65. I opted for level 1 and it was plenty hard. I knew that with 20 minutes of work, I should not start out too fast, but instead, shoot for a steady pace that I could maintain. I think the first round took about 90 seconds, but things began to get slower after that. I hit five rounds in just under 10 minutes, but continued to get slower. I think I was at 17 minutes when I hit 8 rounds, so I knew I'd get to 9. And, I was glad that my 9th set of thrusters would be my last.

However, I finished the 9th round at 19:30, and knew I had time to do 5 thrusters. So, I banged those out and then spent about 5 minutes on the floor, trying to recover. I wasn't the only one in a prone position after this workout. A lot of people were beat.

Today, I'm sore and hoping I can make it through the workout tonight. I had a rest day last Friday, but that's been my only day off in the last 11 days. By the end of the weekend, I will take at least one rest day, if I'm smart.

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