Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Weekend

My weekend was just about as much fun as it could have been, including some good workouts, some work done around the house, some fun cooking, and time with my family. Mostly, I didn't have too much to do, so it was quite relaxing and I got in some good workouts.

Friday night, my wife and I went to the gym. I didn't want to hit my legs too hard because I was planning to run twice this weekend, so I did a modified version of CrossFit's "Filthy Fifties" workout. I did 50 reps of the following exercises:

Air squats
Good mornings (45# barbell)
Push Press (same barbell)
Swiss Ball Crunch
Reverse Crunch
KB swing (35#)
18" Box jumps
Knee push-ups (protecting my shoulder)

and 25 band-assisted pull-ups, again trying to protect my shoulder.

On Saturday morning, my wife and I got out early to visit the Montpelier farmers' market. I got some unusual wild edibles and used them in dinner on Saturday night. After the market, we went home and I managed to get the lawn mowed before the rain started, and then as it started to rain, I headed out for an easy 50 minute run. After that, I didn't do much more on Saturday except cook dinner.

On Sunday, I also didn't have a lot to do. First, I slept in. Then, I got out for a 2-hour run in a steady rain. My wife went to the gym and the dogs didn't like the rain, so I ran alone. I used Vespa for this longer run and really liked it again, despite running over 16 hours after my last meal. I did discover a huge beaver dam not too far from my house. Much of the year, when I run this route, it's hidden by foliage, but not this time. It's far enough from my house that I don't have to worry about water damage if the dam breaks, but it was quite an impressive dam.

After my run, I started to get things ready to head to my mid-week "home" close to my office. My wife drove me up here yesterday so I could bring some groceries and other items with me - things that don't fit on the bus very well. So for now, I'm gone from home for the week, and planning to train hard after work every night. It's going to be an interesting week, with rain in the forecast nearly every day, and me commuting on a bike.

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