Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time for a rest day

I was tired on the bike ride to the office yesterday.

I was tired last night at CrossFit. After our warm-up, we worked on overhead squats. I kept the weight fairly low, trying to not hurt my shoulder. My max was 95 pounds, even though I've done 135 in the past. My shoulder is still a bit sore from that part of the workout.

The MetCon last night was team rowing intervals - 20 x 250 meters. Our team time was 22:51, but this included 19 "transitions" of at least 10 seconds each, so our total rowing time was under 20 minutes. I did OK for the first half of the workout, but in the second half, I found myself falling apart in the last 50-100 meters. My stroke length would decrease, my arms would drop, and I would just get slower. I really need to spend more time rowing. It's a great workout and it's easy to do interval work or endurance work without beating up your body the way running can do. Last year, the gym had a 100KM rowing challenge - just row 100KM on your own whenever you have time over the course of a month. Maybe I should suggest that we do that one again.

Tonight, I'll ride the bus home after work, and I'll work at home tomorrow. This will give me a chance to go to one of my daughter's lacrosse games. Her season ends pretty soon and I haven't been to enough games this season. I've really been amazed by my daughter this year. She is in 7th grade and is playing junior high sports. She played soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter (while also skiing hard on the weekends) and lacrosse in the spring. She really seems to like all three of them and it's nice to see her playing sports and staying fit.

After a rest day today, I'll probably do some running intervals tomorrow, a short easy run on Saturday, and then run longer on Sunday.

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