Friday, May 6, 2011

CrossFit Streaking

Yesterday was my fourth consecutive day of CF. Tonight will be my fifth. I know that the normal recommendations are to do no more than 3 days in a row and then take a rest day. So, maybe I'm not following the "rules". But, I'm not the only one at our gym who is there every day or nearly every day during the workweek. But, many of the others seem to be about half my age. And, unlike some of those other people, I won't be in the gym on the weekend as well.

I'm enjoying CrossFit, but I don't want to push too hard and get injured in the gym. We seem to have a few people nursing injuries right now. I do have a shoulder injury, but it didn't occur in the gym and I'm being pretty careful not to make things worse there.

Anyway, I've found myself feeling tired and sore this week, and wondering if I'm being smart in my approach to CrossFit. I am having fun and I want to be there, but I also want to avoid any sports-limiting injuries.

Last night's workout was focused on Olympic lifts, focusing on form. We did a complex of snatch movements a total of five times. I kept the weights pretty low (max of 85 pounds) to avoid over-stressing my rotator cuff.

The main workout was much easier than the day before:

6 rounds, as quickly as possible:
6 hang power cleans
6 knee-ups (hanging from a bar)
6 med ball slams

I chose level 2 last night and finished in 7:23, moving pretty quickly the entire workout. After I was done, I thought that I probably should have done level 1 instead. But, I am still sore and tired today, so I probably made the right choice.

I'll go to CrossFit tonight, but then take tomorrow as a rest day. I will probably go out for an easy walk with my wife and the dogs tomorrow, but that's about it. Sunday, my wife and I will do a 2 hour run.

I ordered some Vespa today, a supplement used by endurance athletes who follow low carb diets. The goal of the product is simply to help your body to mobilize fat for energy during endurance work. I'll try it in my longer training runs for the July marathon and see how things go. I am an e-mail "buddy" of the company's owner and he and I share a lot of opinions on diet and exercise. He thinks I'm the perfect type of athlete to benefit from the product.

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