Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy Weekend

The only thing relaxing about my weekend was a rest day on Friday - no workout after work that evening. Instead, I cooked dinner and we watched some hockey on TV.

On Saturday morning, my wife and I did some work around the house. A local organic farm delivered a side of grass-fed beef that we'd ordered a few months ago. The local butcher has been so busy that he couldn't get to this steer until recently. After our morning "chores" were done, we headed to Sugarbush. We skied for about 2.5 hours, all of it on tough terrain, but given the spring conditions, the steep trails skied much easier than normal. By 2:30, I'd had enough and wanted some lunch. My wife had some lunch as well, but went back out for one more run while I just relaxed with friends. By 4:00, the outdoor deck was filled with friends, most of them enjoying a local craft beer or two. I was my wife's DD, so I enjoyed ice water.

After we got home, I grilled some T-Bone steaks from the newly arrived beef and they were great. We had a nice family dinner, knowing that I would be gone from the house a lot over the next few months.

Later that night, just before the price went up, I registered for the Mad Marathon on 7/10. My longest run since last Labor Day is about 5 miles and my total mileage is less than 100 miles. So, in ten weeks, I need to be ready for a marathon. Amazingly, I'm not too concerned right now. I think I can do it. My plan is to just have fun and finish the run.

Sunday morning, my wife and I got up early and went out for a hilly 8 mile run. We were slow, but we got through it. That was my longest run since last August. I guess I'm almost ready for the race now!

Later that day, my family and I moved me into the bedroom where I'll be staying midweek for the next few months. The lady renting the room to me is very nice, a friend of a friend, and I think it will work out well. The biggest downside is not seeing my family as much for a while, but we will save money, I will get to train more, and I'll be able to work more hours, something I need to be able to do right now.

This morning, I did my first bike commute to work. I started later than I wanted, so I got to ride in rush hour traffic, which was unnerving at times. The total distance was only 6.6 miles, but there was a lot of traffic, there were many traffic lights, and a few good hills. I didn't push the pace at all.

Tonight, I'll ride to CrossFit, do the workout there, and then ride back to where I'm staying. I'm likely to get about 15 bonus biking miles every day I commute to my work on the bike. Although, I'd be glad to do more miles if I could find a route with less traffic.

At CrossFit tonight, we start another Paleo Challenge, this one only 30 days long vs. 45 last time. With my increased workout time, and the fact that I'm not drinking any alcohol, I'm hoping to do much better than last time.

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