Friday, May 20, 2011

Rain - Lots of It

We have already had an extremely rainy spring after a snowy winter. Today has been outrageous outside at times, with rain falling extremely hard. Later today, we are supposed to have thunderstorms. My son and I had talked about doing some trout fishing this weekend, but the rivers are just too high and discolored.

My daughter's lacrosse game may get cancelled due to electricity. They are scheduled to play "rain or shine" on a turf field, but they won't play in a thunderstorm.

I did rest yesterday as planned, but I'm still feeling a bit tired today. My wife decided we should run a 5K tomorrow morning, and with the rain, I'll work out in the gym tonight. I'll probably just do light weights, bodyweight work (push-ups, air squats, pull-ups, dips, etc.) and maybe some rowing intervals.

After the workout, I have to finish the assembly of my turntable. It's done for the most part, but I still need to install and align the cartridge and then get the weight adjustment just right. I remember doing this for a turntable my dad bought about 30 years ago, and I really messed up the tonearm balance, so the stylus was destroying records at first. It also didn't sound good at all. After the assembly is done, I'll be torn between watching the Sharks game (it's hard to watch them right now when Vancouver looks like such a superior team) and listening to some of my new vinyl. Yesterday, a box set of the first 5 Grateful Dead albums arrived. Today, I'm getting Bob Dylan's first 10 albums from a custom vinyl company called Sundazed. I'll have lots of music to listen to, and lots of rain to keep me indoors and listening.

By Sunday, the rain should be gone, so I hope to run long, mow the lawn, and then get ready for my week in Burlington next week.

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