Friday, May 13, 2011

Missing Posts?

Not a big deal, but Blogspot seems to be having some major difficulties today. At least one recent post seems to be gone for now, and perhaps this one will disappear as well.

I took a rest day yesterday after a tough run on Wednesday. After work, I cooked dinner and just relaxed, including watching the Sharks finally wrap up their series against Detroit.

Tonight, my wife and I will go to the gym to lift. I want to hit my upper body hard, but in a way that doesn't hurt my shoulder any more. It's now been ten or so weeks since this injury and I have to honestly say that it isn't really any better at all. I haven't been willing to even consider bench presses for weeks.

Tomorrow, it looks like rain and we have some work to do around the house. We'll probably sneak in a short run sometime, maybe with the dogs if they don't panic about the rain. Then on Sunday, a longer run is my plan..

So far, in the weight loss contest with my brother, I'm down about 9 pounds, but my target is 190 and I regretfully still have 35 pounds to go.

I need to stick with eating well, training hard, and staying away from alcohol.

I also need to get my shoulder healthy somehow.

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