Wednesday, May 25, 2011

100 Training Days So Far

With my bike ride to work this morning, I've now done some sort of exercise/training on 100 different days this year. Last year, it took me until the end of June to get to 100 days, and I only had 190 total training days last year - my lowest in a long time. Here is the breakdown of this year so far:

Skiing: 31
Bike Riding: 9
Running: 20
CrossFit: 39
Lifting on my own: 11

That adds up to 110, rather than 100, mostly because of bike riding to and from CrossFit. I think the other "double" day was a run and CrossFit.

In the last 6 weeks, my weight has dropped about 10 pounds, as I've paid much better attention to my diet, made sure I trained very consistently, and I cut out alcohol.

Last night's CrossFit workout, especially as Rx'd, was brutal:

100 pull-ups
100 KB swings (53#)
100 Double Unders (rope jumping)
100 overhead squats (95#)

This was to be done for time, and unlike some workouts, where you can rotate between the lifts to get all of your reps done (Google "CrossFit Murph" for an example if you care), in this case, the workout was linear. Do all reps of one exercise before moving to the next.

Level 1 was 80 reps at slightly lower weights, so I chose that. I used bands for assistance in my pull-ups. My KB swings were done at 35#. I can't do double-unders consistently, so the alternative for that was tuck jumps, which are no fun at all. And, because of my shoulder, I can't do overhead squats safely, so I did front squats at 65#. It took me 24:31.

I felt guilty after I'd finished, because some really fit people were struggling mightily with the Rx'd workout. The last person finished in just under 40 minutes and he was really struggling on the overhead squats.

Today, I am sore all over. I will go to CrossFit tonight, mostly because I have an appointment there for another ART/Graston treatment on my shoulder. I will probably do a Level 2 workout tonight, unless our coach takes pity on us and gives us an easier day after yesterday.

Tomorrow is a rest day.

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